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How it works

Here's a quick guide to how works, what you can do to participate and what you get out of it.

A challenge - briefly described

A challenge is a very simple concept. A challenge provider (which may be either a public actor or a private company) identifies a problem or opportunity for which they want solutions and ideas. They publish the "challenge" on this platform with a detailed description of what they are looking for and how long time participants have to solve it. They offer a "prize" (e.g. a remuneration) to the company, the individual or individuals that can come up with the best idea(s).

You, your company or association can help to set the agenda for innovation in Denmark, get new inspiration, share your thoughts and provide your expertise to improve the ideas of others.

There will be very different challenges on the platform, which will vary in subject, timeframe, criteria, and remuneration.

Dermed kan du, din virksomhed eller din forening være med til at sætte dagsordenen for dansk innovation, få ny inspiration, bidrage med dine tanker og bidrage med din viden til andres idéer. Der vil være meget forskellige challenges på platformen, som alle vil variere i emne, tidsramme, kriterier, samt honorarer.

How to participate

It's easy to participate - even if you don’t have a solution or idea yet. welcomes everyone to participate in the discussion and submit their comments and recommendations for how to improve the other ideas or the platform altogether.

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