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The more we collaborate on finding the concepts and solutions for the future, the better. is a platform to promote collaboration, inspiration, innovation and explore the potential in the Danish community. engages companies and citizens in solving some of our society's biggest problems and challenges - the more we collaborate on finding the concepts and solutions for the future, the better.

Who is behind

The Danish Business Authority is responsible for and will together with the partner group develop and expand the platform to include and embrace a wide range of challenges on different topics from different providers. The partner group includes sponsors, advisors and challenge providers.

Why challenges?

"Challenges" is a proven method of encouraging development and innovation. By posing a challenge to a crowd, private and public organizations are given the opportunity to solve their problems and citizens and other participants have the opportunity to share their ideas on how the challenges could be solved. There are examples of challenges that lead to ground-breaking technology and there are challenges that result in solutions to social problems or create brand new markets and business models.

Our mission

Our mission is to create an open national challenge platform where different sectors, professions, organizations and citizens can meet each other and create ideas, innovation and new solutions that benefit all of us. We believe that co-creation and this way of working together will be one of the fundamental elements to build better and more innovative solutions and make Denmark more competitive and sustainable in the future - and we want this to be a shared responsibility. is designed to provide transparency to some of the major challenges and opportunities our society faces. Our goal is to create results that can be seen and felt in the different municipalities and regions.

Kom I gang

Det er nemt at deltage – også selvom du ikke har en løsning eller idé du vil bidrage med. Alle er velkomne til at deltage i debatten og komme med deres kommentarer og anbefalinger.

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