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Terms og conditions - The Future of Nordic Manufactorering

1. Who can participate

1.1. Participation is open to all interested individuals, companies and public and private actors who want to compete to develop the best solutions to solve the outlined Challenge. Participation does not require that you have a company registration number, but it may be needed later in the process if one's idea is taken forward.

1.2. All communication must be in English. This includes submitted ideas / solutions.

2. The course of the competition

2.1. The competition is conducted in accordance with the following overall schedule:



June 1 at 12pm (noon)

Challenge is open for idea intake

July 31 at 11.59pm

Challenge is closed for idea intake


Challenge winners are announced. The challenge will be wrapped up and the project will continue separately with the best ideas.   


2.2. Emphasis must be placed on the idea description to ensure that it is clearly and convincingly described. Submit your idea as early as possible. This means that other users at can comment on your idea and help you make it better. You can correct your idea right up to the deadline.

2.3. It is possible to vote on other users' ideas to show that you like them. Ideas that receive many votes will typically get the most attention on the platform.

2.4. Participants should thus not provide / submit company sensitive information, as idea proposals will typically be followed and read by other participants on the platform, which will also have the opportunity to vote for the individual ideas.

3. Assessment criteria and final decision

3.1. All ideas to the competition will be assessed based on the following assessment criteria:

Can feasibly be implemented to deliver the promised value of upgrading the skills and competences of publically supported business consultants in all Nordic countries Will create value throughout the Nordic region. Offers innovation in concept, execution and impact

3.2. There will not be given a thorough assessment and feedback to all submitted ideas to the challenge

3.3. If ideas are comparable, the first introduced idea will as a starting point be considered as an idea owner.

3.4. The final decision of which idea or concept best meets the assessment criteria and thus is honored with DKK 100,000 (possibly spread over several winners) is made by the Danish Business Authority and potentially a jury. The decision is final and binding and can not be appealed in any way. The Danish Business Authority/ reserves the right not to select a winner if none of the participants meet the criteria and the general terms of participation.

4. Remuneration

4.1. There is a total remuneration of DKK 100,000 which can be shared by one or more winners. The distribution of the remuneration will be decided during the review phase by the Danish Business Authority and potentially a jury. The Danish Business Authority and a potential jury reserves the right not to announce any winner for this challenge.

4.2. The total rumeneration will be DKK 100,000, where the 1st prize will be at least DKK 50,000.

5. Tax

5.1. The winner / winner is responsible for payment of all relevant taxes and fees in connection with payment of the remuneration.

5.2. Payment of remunerations (one or more) must be authorized by the Danish Business Authority and transferred after announcing the winner to a bank account provided by the winner. If it is a consortium or group that wins, the prize will be paid to the person who has submitted the idea via

Please read the general terms and conditions for participation in